PLAND partners with people and teams as preparation meets opportunity so you aren’t just lucky, you are planned. Productivity and staying busy are two very different concepts. Taking time to think about “what’s next” and “where have we been” is an essential differentiator between a job being done versus a job being done well. PLAND’s overall goal is to facilitate ideas and opportunities into actionable reality.

coach and navigator offers a streamlined process to develop ideas, capture targeted data, facilitate goals for measured growth and share cycles and patterns to create frameworks for sustainable progress. Her passion is to partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits to create meaningful impact with communities, people, policies, and procedures to drive future success. The place to begin is now, and the first step is to focus on what you want as an end result while allowing PLAND to capture your process along the way.

For my entire adult life I have been curious about and pursued careers in seemingly unconnected things: teaching, coaching, philanthropy, writing, development, event planning, community wellness, and brainstorming. None of these passions fit into a traditional way of doing business, but I have discovered how they connect through my personal and professional experiences in the nonprofit, education, and small business world.

Developing ideas and events

Team building and connecting to different people

Growing purpose and setting goals

Capturing cycles

Completing projects

Strategic planning
Business coach
Traditional goal setting
Memory & Diary mapping
Business side and Human side
Back to the people strategy
Evaluate or refresh an idea

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